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Why Usherette Trays Are Still So Relevant In Modern Marketing

Branded Usherette Tray

Though often overlooked, usherette trays are a powerful marketing and promotional tool that can be used to great effect. Though they may not immediately spring to mind for some products, branded usherette trays are still highly relevant in modern marketing and can be used to reach a wide audience, or to make a big impact in niche marketing situations. Here are several reasons why usherette trays are still so relevant in today’s market.

People would always prefer to try some types of products, such as new food products, before buying them

Sampling trays provide an excellent opportunity for potential customers to sample a product before they make a purchase. This can be especially important for new products that may be unfamiliar to consumers. They provide an opportunity to enable easy product sampling in a safe way where they can also ask questions and the person holding the usherette tray can add more value and build interest by telling the story of the product, emphasising its usp, and listing its benefits.

Usherette Trays

Customers value convenience

Usherette trays provide a convenient way for customers to sample or to buy products. Not only can they try a product before they buy it, which can be especially important for new products that may be unfamiliar to consumers, but an usherette tray is something that comes to them rather than requiring them to move or go out of their way. Branded usherette trays with a strap also provide a convenient way for customers to ask questions and learn more about a product. This can help them make an informed purchase decision.

People seek and like positive rewards and experiences

An usherette tray branded with a brand that people like, and like their products, or filled with food and drink, or free sample all suggest the possibility of an instant reward to customers. This can be a powerful tool to encourage them to try a product, especially if they are unfamiliar with it, and may help to motivate them to make a purchase. Usherette trays can, therefore, be linked to the idea of conditioning theory. Classical conditioning is when you learn to like something because it is associated with a good feeling, and this can carry on when you see the product or brand again.

Using usherette trays, therefore, can tap into these unconscious and natural human buying behaviour tendencies.

Branded Uhserette Tray Types

Branded usherette trays can act as reminders of advertising or past good experiences with that brand

This can motivate a person to come over and try new products from that brand in the branded vending tray, or to make an unpanned purchase. Plastic usherette trays are practical, lightweight, easy to transport and store, durable, and can be used many times over in many different places. This makes them highly cost effective and something that gets the most out of the promotional budget. Usherette trays are, therefore, something that doesn’t have to re-made or wasted every time there’s a new event or new product, but can go on delivering value long into the future. That said, branded usherette trays are affordable enough and can be made so quickly that new ones can be quickly ordered and delivered to reflect any new campaigns.

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