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The Best Ways to Distribute Food Samples at Food Fairs, Trade Shows, and Other Events

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As a food vendor, one of the best marketing tools at your disposal is the food sample. Offering potential customers a taste of your wares from an usherette tray is an excellent way to generate interest and goodwill. But what’s the best way to go about distributing food samples? Keep reading to find out.

Pre-packaged food samples

1. Pre-package food samples before the event. If you’re expecting a large crowd, the last thing you want is to be stuck individually wrapping each piece of food. Instead, package everything up in advance so that all you have to do is hand them out. This will also ensure that you have enough food for everyone. Branded usherette trays can be loaded up with plenty of small pre-packed food samples and a sampling tray with a strap can be a great way to move among crowds and encourage trial.

Branded Usherette Trays

2. Use an usherette tray with a shoulder strap. Serving trays, such as fully branded usherette trays are an essential tool for any food vendor. They make it easy to transport quantities of food and keep everything organised, and are very convenient for the customer to take samples from. When setting up your sample station, make sure to use an usherette tray (or several) to hold and display all of your pre-packaged samples. Wicker usherette trays for natural and organic food samples and coloured plastic usherette trays for other types of food samples can be an attractive and practical way of encouraging trial and purchase.

3. Have plenty of napkins on hand. Eating samples can get messy, so make sure to have plenty of napkins available for your guests. You can even put a few napkins on each serving tray so that people can grab them as they’re reaching for a sample. Napkins can easily be carried alongside the food sample in an usherette tray.

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4. Give out small samples. When it comes to food samples, less is more. Give out small bites so that people can try a little bit of everything without feeling too full (or wasting any of your precious samples!). A branded usherette tray with shoulder straps has plenty of room to carry lots of small food samples and present them in a way that is attractive to customers.

5. Promote your other products. In addition to giving out food samples, take the opportunity to promote your other products as well. Place flyers or business cards next to the samples on your usherette tray so that people can take them home with them and learn more about what you have to offer.

Food Sampling Using Usherette Trays

Food sampling is an excellent way to promote your business and generate interest in your products. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your food fair or trade show experience is a success!

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