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How to Use a Vending Tray To Sample Your Product

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Usherette trays, or vending trays as they are sometimes called, have a variety of purposes. They can be used to sample your product, as a way to display your product, or as a way to advertise your product. In this article, we will discuss how to use usherette trays to sample your product.

Where should you use vending trays for distribute product samples?

Vending trays with a strap, also known as usherette trays or sampling trays are portable and can be used in a wide variety of places to distribute product samples. These could include, for example, grocery stores / supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores, event venues of all kinds, convention centres, airports, train bus and service stations, sporting events, fetes, fairs and festivals, and many more.

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Example: Usherette trays at food festivals

At a food festival, branded usherette trays can be used to sell food or give out food samples. This is a great way to get people to try different foods that they might not have otherwise. You can also use branded usherette trays to promote your event and get people excited about coming over to your stand or mobile kitchen.

Example: Using branded sampling trays at a conference or convention

Usherette trays can be a great way to sample products or distribute promotional materials at conventions and conferences. They are typically lightweight and easily portable, making them perfect for busy venues. Additionally, usherette trays can be used as vending trays, allowing attendees to purchase items directly from the tray. This makes it easy for both the attendee and the vendor to keep track of sales.

Example: Using sampling trays outside food outlets or near your food stall

Usherette trays can also be used to great effect outside food outlets or near your food stall. This allows passersby to sample your food or promotional materials. Additionally, using branded usherette trays with a strap in this way can help to attract attention to your business and boost sales.

8 reasons why usherette trays are ideal for distributing product samples

Usherette trays are:

– lightweight and easily portable

– perfect for busy venues – easy to manoeuvre between the people

– can be adapted to hold different kinds of sample products

– can be used as vending trays too

branded usherette trays and free samples from them help to attract attention to your business

– cost effective and practical

– just the right size to hold a good amount of samples

– enabling conversations and engagement with customers who may then choose to purchase product or make larger orders based upon their positive product sampling experience.

How vending trays can be branded

Usherette trays can be branded in order to create a more personal experience for the customer. This could involve making the branded usherette tray in plastic using the company’s colours, and adding the company logo or a slogan to the tray. Alternatively, if there is a specific design or pattern that is used on the company’s products, this could be replicated on the tray in order to create a unified look.

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