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How Do People Respond To Seeing Food And Drink Logos?

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We all know that first impressions are important. Whether we’re meeting someone for the first time or walking into a new business, we form judgments based on what we see. This is why businesses go to great lengths to make sure their storefronts are appealing and inviting. But what about logos? Does seeing a certain logo make us more likely to purchase a product? What if you had a fully branded usherette tray with company logo?

Logo Study

A study conducted by Ireland’s Institute of Art, Design, and Technology looked at how people respond to different food and drink logos. The study showed that people were more likely to purchase products from brands that they perceived as being healthy. For example, when presented with two hypothetical energy drinks, people were more likely to choose the one with a green logo over the one with a red logo. Businesses can now purchase plastic or wicker branded usherette trays that include the company and/or product logo.

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Purchased Recognised Brands

The study also found that people were more likely to purchase products from brands that they recognised. This was especially true for younger people. So, if you’re looking to appeal to a younger demographic, it’s important to make sure your logo is recognisable. Having a recognisable logo printed on an usherette tray can be a great way to grab attention and trigger purchases.

Brand Colours – A Fully Branded Usherette Tray

Have you ever wondered why certain colours are associated with certain brands? It’s not a coincidence. Studies have shown that colours can influence people’s perceptions of a brand. For example, blue is often seen as a calming colour, so it’s no surprise that it’s often used in branding for products that promote relaxation, such as beauty products and spas. On the other hand, yellow is often seen as a happy and optimistic colour, so it’s commonly used in branding for children’s products or companies that want to convey a sense of fun. Ultimately, the colours that a brand chooses will depend on the type of image they want to project. By carefully selecting the colours that they use in their branding, companies can create a powerful and lasting impression on their customers. Choosing coloured plastic branded usherette trays in exactly the same colour as the product packaging is a great way to attract and remind customers and trigger purchases of them.

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Healthy Brands And Colours

These findings suggest that people are more likely to purchase products from brands that they perceive as being healthy and brands that they recognise. This means that if you’re looking to attract customers, it’s important to have a logo that conveys healthiness and is recognisable. Companies wishing to promote the natural or organic benefits of their products can choose to use natural woven wicker usherette trays. Keep these findings in mind the next time you’re designing a logo or planning your marketing strategy.

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