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With UK based support, manufacturing and order processes you can be assured that every aspect of the order process will be simple and efficient. We have a fantastic range of usherette and vending trays to choose from – view the range and book a call below!

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Usherette trays are a type of vending tray that is commonly used at events such as concerts, sporting events, and festivals. They are typically worn around the neck or shoulder and have compartments for holding food, drinks, and other items.

Usherette trays are a convenient way to sell refreshments and snacks to event-goers without having to leave their seat. If you are planning an event, be sure to take a look at our range of vending trays, bespoke to your branding, design and campaign.

Our trays are made from high-quality materials and feature a stylish design that will complement your event and branding and help spread the brand throughout.

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We can match your brand colours to fit perfectly with your brand activation events.

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